Corporate Master in Business Administration (CMBA)

The Corporate Master in Business Administration (CMBA) makes it possible for professionals to earn a Master's Degree while working full time. The programme has so far attracted students from diverse academic backgrounds and working experiences. Taught by a group of dedicated and qualified lecturers, the programme is innovative, application-oriented and multi-disciplinary. The UNIMAS CMBA programme stands out from other MBA programmes because it retains the best features of the traditional MBA but is combined with contemporary features sought by today's business managers.

Programme Structure
The CMBA is a master programme by course work over a minimum duration of 18 months, which is an equivalent study of a minimum of 5 semesters. The progrmme is structured into three modules, each defining a specific functional area of study. The modules are divided into Core, Elective and Research.

The Core Module provides the foundation of a general business education and a general overview of business management. Students re required to take a total of eight compulsary courses to ensure students have a common level of knowledge in the fundamentals of business.

The Elective Module encourages students to explore ideas and to further investigate managerial issues. Students are required to take a total of five courses and are allowed to select any 5 courses from this component to match their interests to career needs.

The Research Module is a final component of the CMBA programme, which consists of the Corporate Business Project. It requires students to demonstrate a critical approach to mangement problems and to relate specific issues in order to broader students' management perspectives.

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